Adult spankings

Kyle was very cute, over six feet tall, blonde hair, blued eyed and muscular.

I gladly gave up my virginity to Kyle the summer before our junior year and had regular sex with him after.

Pretty Cheer Girl Ella’s bum is swollen,bruised and rosy hot red after a serious punishment hand spanking and paddling that she won’t be able to sit down on for hours.


A good number of these pics I paid for to bring them to you, that is why I put my name on them.

Of course the spanking world will use them, but if you like them the chances are your viewers will also, so perhaps link them to this page.

My parents were close to retiring, so they bought a small condo by the lake and decided to keep this house and rent it out for some extra income.As you will see, I already have a Windsor Spanking Finds page, but due to the tremendous amount of Sorority Spanking Pics that I have I will create this separate page just for those pics.This collection of sorority spanking pics should all be new to you, I have spent many hours collecting them and I have some awesome ones to share.Our senior year a black guy named Andre' moved into our suburban town and when school started he and Kyle became fast friends being the two best athletes in the area.We often did things as a trio, going to parties and movies as Andre got to know people around town.

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