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Here are the top most outrageous (and often incredulous) rumors that spread like wildfire in the Jpop scene. Previously she made the pages with her breakdown at the year end Kouhaku concert, where she cried (boohoo) because she forgot the lyrics, which made the stage director take her significant spot onstage and put her in the back (where she belongs). And we all thought that it was just a ploy to endear and gather more fans – but all it did was to confirm that they are NOT being paid enough by old boy Johnny. Rumor has it that she confessed her feelings to Tegoshi and Some critics fussed over Tesshi’s partying ‘til the wee hours of the morning. It would’ve been MORE questionable if he said he stayed at home on a Friday night claiming to have cleaned his room, tended the garden and cooked for his mummy. Power couple looking smashing, Koda Kumi trimmed down her sleazy come-hither look sans heavy cake makeup, while Nakai trimmed down the mop he calls hair. Bad ass, self-confessed former shoplifter and now gravure idol Abiru meets pure and innocent Pi (or so we would like to believe).

It’s funny how some people go through all lengths just to nitpick at stars’ small eye folds. Fangirls were seething with anger and possibly foaming in the mouth.

But, true or not, rumors are so much fun to read AND laugh at. These things should, and cannot be taken seriously. But it’s not certain if the guy in question really IS Ryo. I was really rooting for Pi-Abi tandem and even waved pom-poms for Abi. If you’re in need of a nurse for your ailing heart or a one night only no-strings-attached rebound, we’re here for you.

Well, rumors are rumors, and sometimes, tabloids can go way out of hand – to the point that a drunk guy who had gulped gallons of martini and vodka in one swig can seem more credible than they are.. Either that, or they just committed a stupid, stupid mistake ala Edison Chen. ), partying the night away and throwing Erika dagger looks at an event. Sharing thoughts on the dangers of caffeine, perhaps? But unless they’re feeding off each other’s hands and there’s serious groping going on under the table – This suspicious photo has been circulating a whole lot in gossip blogs.

These rumors may have been a thing of the past, but they surely served ample time in the limelight.. Next So it IS true that our JE boys take the train on their way to work. Or not – if your famous brother is prettier than you, you’ll be forever branded as Pi’s sister. When you’re famous, everyone wants a piece of your_____ (you fill in the blanks). But no cover has ever spawned so much talk than Yamapi – putting the ass in m ASSive. Then there’s this explanation that it’s just a joke made by Ryo and a staff member. Deny it all they want, but a picture says a thousand words. Take away mounds of makeup on her face, she can be prettier than some famous idols out there. YAMAPI STILL REMAINS TO BE JAPAN’S MOST FAMOUS, MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR. Just so we can see how far they can go to spite the Jimusho.

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