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Its contents, including sealed letters, photographs, and newspaper articles, were found to be in near-perfect condition.

The capsule placed by Revere and Adams in 1795 was first removed from the State House cornerstone in 1855, during emergency repairs to the building, and its contents were placed in a copper box, replacing the original cowhide container.

There we see a stark distinction between serving the world and serving God; between misusing the body and offering the body as service; between living with a God-disapproved mind and living with a God-approved mind.

In whole-life worship of God, our minds are being transformed, and we are being conformed to the image of Christ (see Colossians ).

It is thought to contain coins dating back to the 1600s, an engraved silver plate and newspapers, among other artifacts.

According to historical accounts, Samuel Adams (who by then had become governor of Massachusetts), Paul Revere and William Scollay placed the original contents of the time capsule in 1795, in a ceremony that started in downtown Boston and ended at the State House, then under construction.

Those who “love God” will be conformed to the of Christ.

This is becoming true right now and will ultimately be fully revealed in glorification.

The second reference to image is found in Romans , where Paul speaks of those who revere God.

The latter building built in 1713, is the oldest surviving public building in Boston and now houses a historical museum.

This past October, the Old State House saw its own time capsule excitement, when officials opened a 113-year-old container that had been encased in the head of a golden lion statue on top of the building.

"The contents are of concern, but the plaster that held the box in place is in good condition," Galvin said.

According to Galvin, the box-shaped capsule was placed by the Revolutionary-era duo in 1795, a year when Adams was governor and when construction began on the State House and its iconic dome, which would eventually be overlaid with copper by Revere.

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