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She joins Ashley Judd and Michelle Forbes as new additions to the cast, ensuring the show now has three formidable women in powerful positions.

Palmer plays April Lewis, the “newest and youngest” case officer who works on the ground, and who press notes describe as having a “bracing combination of millennial intrepidity and old-fashioned sass,” not so unlike the actress herself.

I’ll admit, one reason I wanted to stay on the dating apps was just for the stories.

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t give me hilarious things to talk about on this blog (stay tuned for those).

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Here is a Sneak Preview of the Home page of our New Dating & Relationship Site!”, but I really don’t think that online dating is for me.As they all know from years of experience, I’m not even that great at always answering emails and texts from my best friends on a timely basis so what makes me think I’m going to be better about it with a stranger that I don’t even know if I want to spend time with?From her early roles in , Palmer is recognizable to people of all ages, but it’s her own generation of millennials that are hardcore Keke stans, following her highly personalized social media updates and living for her repopularizing phrases like, “That’s the gag.”Today, Palmer launches her new mockumentary series on You Tube, a fictionalized version of her everyday life that she shot in Los Angeles, despite now living in Atlanta.She just clued fans in to the new project last week, and the response would be akin to the siren alarm emojis that she has surrounding her name on her Twitter handle.“I’m so happy because I always like to surprise them,” Palmer said, sitting at a table inside the Beverly Hilton.

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