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If you watch these 10, you’ll have a better idea of what that series was about, without having to watch the whole thing.These are not meant to be the 10 best episodes, but rather the 10 most representative episodes.The matter at fact is that, whether we’re adolescents or adults, we sympathize and identify with the stories on Degrassi, because it doesn’t hide from the universality of suffering and shows us how to make it through.Reminisce on Degrassi’s 10 most difficult and devastating story lines of the entire series. Ellie’s cutting No matter the vehicle, self-injury usually stems from a desire for control, and Ellie Nash’s (Stacey Farber) home life warrants it.We’re still going to keep calling him Jimmy Brooks, though.Drake certainly hasn’t forgotten his leading lady Nina Dobrev got her big break playing Mia Jones, a young teen mom who transfers to Degrassi from rival school Lakehurst.It was a powerful nonverbal moment that makes me wonder if she'll have some sort of body image issues later in the season.On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have aspiring artist Tariq slaving away as the assistant to rapper Dynasty, believing that it's because of his talent even when Dynasty's posse taunts him that it's just because they needed someone to fetch them In'n'Out burgers.

Through Abby's journey to the Delux Suites Motel, we meet the motley crew of foreigners all trying to break into a business that's horribly foreign and competitive enough for its own citizens, let alone outsiders.

And that’s just the series that debuted as Degrassi: The Next Generation in 2001; start adding in previous iterations of the franchise and the numbers become overwhelming.

To end Degrassi’s run on that note would be impressive as hell, but it turned out that the melodramatic powerhouse has no intentions of stopping.

Ellie’s father has just left for Afghanistan with the Canadian Army, leaving her to take care of her mother Caroline (Kirsten Kieferle), a severe alcoholic.

Despite beating her rival Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins) for a co-op with Degrassi alum Caitlin Ryan in “Whisper to a Scream,” Ellie feels desperate for control and continues cutting.

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